2022 Summer Breakout Candidates

We still aren’t sure what’s going to happen with travel basketball for July. If we are able to have tournaments by that time, college coaches will be putting even more focus on rising seniors than they usually do. However, there are undoubtedly some 2022 prospects that deserve to be watched and will have eyes on them whenever we return to action. The 5 prospects highlighted in this piece are already gaining some notoriety and could use the summer to take another step up in their recruitment.

6’7″ SF Kendall Campbell (Meadowcreek/Nightrydas)

Campbell fits the mold of a modern day combo forward and does a lot of different things that are attractive and will allow him to fit in various systems. Having received offers from Georgia Southern (previous staff) and Tulane, and taking visits to Florida State & Auburn, I expect Campbell to start picking up higher offers soon. The way he diversified his game this winter was tremendous. Campbell’s body and motor really stood out during his freshman travel season, but he has now expanded his skill-set to where he’s a legitimate shooting threat. The energy and aggression in the paint is still there, but Campbell showed an effective jumper from multiple levels and proved he can put the ball on the floor some. If he continues adding to his skillset to go along with his rebounding ability and physical tools, schools will be all over him.

Kendall Campbell Sophomore Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW0UwP4FXNY




6’5″ SG Jaden Schutt (Yorkville Christian/Illinois Wolves)

A prospect outside of the region who I was able to watch at the UAA Finals last summer, Schutt is one of the best shooters you will find. Need proof? He hit 17 3’s in a single game this season at Yorkville Christian. Schutt has gotten a lot of early recruitment and Illinois just became the first HM program to offer him, adding to his offers from Southern Illinois, Drake, and UIC (previous staff). He has great positional size at 6’5″ and is equipped with an impressive combination of skill and explosiveness. A bouncy athlete who is always on his toes, Schutt can explode well above the rim with ease and gets good, quick lift on his outside shot. He has solid mechanics, a high release, and is able to shoot over most HS guards. Schutt is also capable of putting the ball on the floor and is a good decision-maker off the bounce. He already moves his feet well and stays active on defense; as he adds strength he should be really good on that end. Expect more Big 10 programs to follow Illinois’ lead and jump in on him early.

Jaden Schutt Sophomore Highlights: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/13718036/5e7241b75b3c870ab84f7dec




6’3″ CG Jalen Forrest (Greenforest/Team Forrest)

Forrest was impressive each time I watched him during the HS season and MTSU was the first to extend an offer to him right around 3 weeks ago. He plays with a ton of confidence just like his older brother and Appalachian State guard Justin Forrest. That confidence is warranted as Forrest has lots of ability and can score points in a hurry. He invites physical play more than most underclassmen and make things difficult on the defense with his ability to absorb contact, finish through it, or get to the FT line. Forrest is a capable shooter as well and can create with the ball in the open court; he will be looking to display more on-ball capabilities this summer. His mentality shouldn’t go unnoticed either; Forrest doesn’t get too high or too low and he has already shown that he wants to be involved in big moments. This summer and the next year as a whole should see him rise steadily.

Jalen Forrest Sophomore Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z47WXfxWCE8




6’6″ SF Jordyn Surratt (Dorman/Upward Stars)

We saw PJ Hall’s ascension following his sophomore season at Dorman; their coaching staff feels like Surratt could be that next guy to elevate and get a lot of attention. Offensively, he has shown different bits and pieces to his game with dexterity at the basket, athleticism, and a jumper that keeps getting better. That being said, I think the defensive potential that Surratt has is most notable. His long arms, activity, and ability to move allow him to make an impact defensively on the perimeter and down low. I think he could be a guy who can effectively guard the 1 through the 4 in time. Dorman’s guys always work hard and their players are in good hands with an exceptional staff; Surratt’s development will be one to watch as he should form a nice 2022 duo with Noah Clowney the next 2 years for the Cavaliers.

Jordyn Surratt Sophomore Highlights: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8081160/5e6e23f0e9852419ac82eab9




6’3″ G Kheni Briggs (AL Brown/Team CP3)

Briggs has been offered by Elon and Old Dominion early on, but is one whose recruitment should continue to elevate over the next few months. Already around 200 lbs as a sophomore, Briggs can bully both guys his age and those that are older than him. He is hard to stop when he gets to his left hand attacking the basket because of his strength and aggression. Unlike many younger prospects with mature frame, he is usually controlled and on balance when looking to create off the bounce. His body is a significant asset when it comes to rebounding as well; Briggs moves guys around and creates position to grab offensive boards and then convert inside. He is best in the paint but will also step out and knock in 3’s to keep defenses honest. His motor and approach are appealing and his combination of qualities will serve him well this summer and onward.

Kheni Briggs Sophomore Highlights: https://www.hudl.com/video/3/12209623/5e8a25bb0660f20cd845a469


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