Pre-Travel Season Player Spotlight: RJ Godfrey (2022 SF/North Gwinnett)

The son of former NFL player Randall Godfrey, RJ Godfrey already has the physical traits that you would expect from someone with his bloodlines. The versatile sophomore SF is close to 6’6″ with a defined frame and good athleticism. He was named First-Team All-County this winter while helping North Gwinnet reach the 7A Elite 8 in Georgia. Godfrey showed tons of potential this season with his high motor, ball skills, and toughness. Now that his sophomore campaign now behind him, Godfrey recaps this winter and touches on the upcoming travel season, in which he will be suiting up for the Atlanta Xpress.

RJ Godfrey Sophomore Highlights:

rj 1


You were the lone sophomore in North Gwinnett’s starting lineup this year- What were the skills and traits you have that allowed you to play heavy minutes and be a consistent producer for a 7A Elite 8 team?

“I think my ball handling skills and my size allowed me to get to the rim a lot. I became more aggressive during the last half of the season which was the most important part for our team.”


How do you feel like things went for you individually and for the team overall this year? Is there anything you got better at or learned as the season progressed?

“Individually, I think I could have had a way better season. The first half of the season I wasn’t very aggressive and confident in my game. I really don’t know what happened, but after the second time we played Mill Creek, I just became way more aggressive offensively. As a team I think we had a pretty good year. We started out super slow but the football players really helped that problem.”


You’ll be playing with the Atlanta Xpress this summer, why do you think that’ll be a good fit for you and what do you want to show college coaches this travel season?

“Xpress will be a great fit for me this summer, because of their environment. Xpress has a great coaching staff and players to fit my play style. I think with us traveling a lot this summer, I will be able to show college coaches my ability to get to the rim and creating my own shot. I have been working on a lot of off the dribble moves into a jumpshot this offseason.”


You’re already a pretty versatile player, is there anything you’re looking to add to your game or focusing on this offseason? Do you have any goals for yourself as a junior?

“I think the thing I want to add the most to my game is probably the off the dribble pull-up. I think that’s a great counter move when defenders are trying to guard me when going to the basket. The main goal for next year is to win the state championship. That’s all I am really worried about.”

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