Relentless Hoops Summer League Preview

The 1st Relentless Hoops Summer League starts tomorrow, Tuesday June 15th, and runs through Thursday, June17th, at Providence Christian Academy. Competing throughout the 3-day event are 15 different programs with a wide range of college-level prospects. Spectators are allowed to come and SuvTV will be providing streaming. Admission is $5 each day for those that … Continue reading Relentless Hoops Summer League Preview

The Relentless Rundown With SuvTV

It was announced on May 12th that we will be working with SuvTV to produce the Relentless Rundown, a series in which our owner, Trent Markwith, will be discussing different prospects who are impressing with their play. The 1st episode was released on Thursday May 13th. You can view episodes at the link below. reading The Relentless Rundown With SuvTV

Run N’ Slam Team Review: Midwest Basketball Club

I noted one of the 2022 prospects in the Eye-Openers article as my favorite player to watch in the event, but Midwest was definitely my favorite team to watch from Run N’ Slam. They have good balance among their guards and forwards, to go along with some versatility within those different spots. If you followed … Continue reading Run N’ Slam Team Review: Midwest Basketball Club