Prospect Introduction: 2021 G Sami Pissis (Trinity Christian)

Usually, you wouldn’t be seeing this type of article for a prospect who is entering their final high school season. But in the case of Sami Pissis, it’s more than necessary. Multiple times this summer, Trinity Christian HC Will De La Cruz spoke highly of Pissis and told me how excited he was to have him this winter. I was able to watch Pissis on Friday night, and after doing so, I left the gym both impressed and wanting to see more.

During our conversations about Pissis, De La Cruz told me that he was a sleeper and sure to make some noise. He’s originally from France and was under the radar in Florida last year before deciding to come up to Georgia; his older brother was playing at Clayton State before transferring in the spring. I figured, “Alright, he probably has some solid interest and just needs to be seen a little more.” But no, Coach De La Cruz informed me that Pissis is almost entirely unknown on the recruiting trail.

Given what I saw from him Friday night, I found that to be very surprising. At 6’3″, Pississ is an exceptional shooter who exudes confidence. He has textbook form, gets good, quick elevation on his jumper, and always seems to be on balance. Not just a shooter, Pissis has a strong, sturdy body and possesses some quickness with the ball in his hands. He’s constantly in attack mode but does not take a ton of low-quality shots either. I like the energy he plays with as he is extremely vocal, encourages teammates, and always wants to be involved in the action.

With him and Isaac Brito in the Trinity Christian backcourt, the Lions will undoubtedly have one of the best guards tandems in A-Private this year. They’ll be expected to do a lot and look to be capable of such roles.

Pissis has quickly taken advantage of his first opportunity to prove himself, picking up an offer from South Georgia Tech after participating in the HBCU Elite 100 on Sunday. He will also be at our Select 80 Camp on October 11th, where I expect him to open the eyes of the coaches who will be watching in-person and on the live stream. I need to see him more, but I feel like Pissis will have a variety of options after playing at TCS as a senior. I think he’d be worth going after for D2’s looking for a sleeper and regional Division 1 programs should become familiar with him as well.

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