Pre-Travel Season Player Spotlight: Isaac Brito (2021 G/Trinity Christian)

It didn’t take long for Isaac Brito to make his presence felt within Georgia. Coming from Philadelphia, the Dominican native proved himself as one of the top 2021 prospects in A-Private this winter at Trinity Christian. A strong 6’4″ guard, Brito has impressive facilitating ability for a player his size. He plays with a ton of energy on the court and you can tell that it is infectious among his team. It seemed that Brito continued to elevate his level of play as the season went on and ended 2019-20 with a really nice showing against Greenforest in the A-Private Final 4. Whenever we are able to resume action, he should be a guy that gains a lot of traction with college coaches this summer. Brito discussed his junior season with us and touched on his approach and the advantages he has as a player.


Isaac Brito Junior Highlights:

Recruitment: Interest from Liberty & La Salle.


This winter was your first season playing in Georgia- How has the basketball here been different than what you’ve experienced in the past? Is there anything you’ve really enjoyed, or anything that has been difficult to adjust to?

“In my opinion I think Georgia basketball is way more organized than where I was before (Philadelphia). I enjoyed playing with my great teammates and our school community that was always there to support us.”


You played a big part in the team’s success this year and ended the season with a really strong game in the Final 4- What do you think you did well this year? What type of skills do you have that gives you an advantage over opponents?

“We became more than a team way before the season started because we did a lot of team building stuff and I feel that help us a lot on and off the floor. The skills that I have that give me an advantage over opponents are that I’m fast and tall for my position, I can go around a guy that is bigger than me or I can post a guy that is smaller than I am. Plus my play-making ability, I can create a lot for others.”


You’re a really passionate & energetic player, what do you bring to a team aside from your ability on the court that can help you and your teammates succeed?

“I always communicate with my teammates, my energy helps a lot because when they see me giving everything they get motivated, my enthusiasm and leadership also help us a lot to be a better team.”


You’ll be playing with the Atlanta Allstars this summer- What are you looking forward to this travel season and what do you hope to show college coaches so that they will want to recruit you? Are there any areas you’re trying to improve in between now and next high school season?

“I’m gonna be doing all the little things, communicating, boxing out, getting the 50/50 balls, defending. I’m trying to improve my shot between now and next high school season.”


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