Pre-Travel Season Player Spotlight: Wilder Evers (2022 G/Oak Mountain)

Wilder Evers turned in a great sophomore season for Oak Mountain this winter. The Eagles advanced to the AHSAA Final 4 for the first time ever and Evers was an integral part in their playoff success. Although he still has half of his high school career left to play, Evers has already displayed some mature traits. He commits to defending on the ball and has impressive poise and composure for a player of his age. Add in solid athleticism & a fundamental offensive game, and you have a prospect who is garnering early attention from college programs. I caught up with Evers to talk about the 2019-20 season and what he needs to do to elevate his game even more. He should continue to gain more regional suitors this summer.

Wilder Evers Sophomore Highlights:


wilder 1

You guys had your best season in Oak Mountain history this year- Talk about what the experience was like for you this season overall, and touch on why you guys as a team were able to have a lot of success and make a deep playoff run?

“It was only a great experience coming from our run this season and it built a lot for our community and changed the culture of the basketball team at our school. Our team this year was an amazing team, we came in every day ready to get better and all had the same goal in mind. Everyone was willing to do whatever they needed to achieve that goal.”


You’re only a sophomore but you were a key guy for the team- What did you bring to the team that allowed to you contribute at a high level on a 7A Final 4 team in just your 2nd season?

“I was our main defender on the team and would let the offense come to me. My main goal every game was to hold the other teams best player to as few points as possible. I would let the scoring come to me on the offensive end and was always looking for rebounds too. I knew I worked very hard to get where I am and that I belonged on that court it was just my time to show it.”


You’ve already started to get some early recruitment, what do you hope to gain from this travel season and what do you want to show coaches so that you can get more schools on you and possibly turn some of your interest into offers?

“My main goal for this travel season is to score a lot more but continue showing my defensive ability. I want to show coaches my athleticism and all the work I’ve been putting in.”


What do you think the next step is for you individually to take your game to an even higher lever, as well as for your team as a whole so you can continue on from this season’s success?

“I want to become more of a leader and more vocal than I was last season. I also want to Improve my scoring and being a threat on both sides of the ball.”



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