Pre-Travel Season Player Spotlight: Wyatt Fricks (2021 SF/Mountain View)

Wyatt Fricks battled through knee injuries both his freshman and sophomore seasons, but recovered fully for his junior year and had a really productive season at Mountain View. At 6’8″, Fricks is a versatile prospect who can shoot from the outside and also make plays inside on both ends because of his height and leaping ability. He received All-Region honors and is starting to generate some chatter among college coaches as the travel season approaches. Here, Fricks gives the details about working back from his injury, his junior season, and what’s ahead for him as a player.

Wyatt Fricks Junior Highlights:

This winter was your first real season being fully healthy- Talk about your injury, the rehab process, and what you focused on during your recovery.

“Back in my freshman year was the first time I had gotten injured. I spent time rehabbing that injury and looking back I probably should have taken more time, but the summer going into my sophomore year was the injury that set me back the most. It was just a freak accident where I jumped causing me to dislocate my knee cap which resulted in me tearing my MPFL and also braking my knee cap. The rehab process took a lot of time, almost a full year after the injury for me to be able to actually play again.
When rehabbing, we first mainly focused on my range of motion so I could get that back. More range of motion would make everything else easier. Later on in December of 2018, my doctor had to perform a manipulation on my knee in order to get that range of motion which set back my time of returning to playing.
Most of my rehab was directed at the strength of my leg and put that muscle back on my leg. Explosiveness and athleticism came with that process. Also, regaining my reaction time as a focus but mainly strengthening my leg and knee.”


You opened a lot of eyes this year and seemed to get better at the season went on- What do you think you did well this year and what did you show to opponents, scouts, etc.?

“Looking back before the season I did not think I’d be where I am. In all honesty I didn’t think I’d be as good as I am at this point. A lot of my role at the beginning of the season was just like a spot up shooter in order to take it easy on my knee. The biggest thing though was gaining that confidence. Once I gained that confidence over the season something clicked and I knew what I had to do. As the season went on, I started scoring more, rebounding, blocking shots, etc. I started getting more comfortable with my body in knowing it would be okay. That mainly happened after our first match up against Collins Hill. A big eye opener was when we played Cedar Shoals. That was one of my first really good games of the season I’d say. It showcased that I’m more than just a tall shooter someone could put in the corner. A lot of people started noticing I could rebound well, block shots, and even put the ball on the floor to attack the basket. I feel like one part of my game that is kind of overlooked that I might not have been able to showcase as much this year is my court vision. It’s something I’ve been working on this offseason so that way next season I can get more teammates involved.”




You have some momentum heading into the travel season- What do you hope to get out of this travel season and what do you want coaches to see from you that’ll make them want to recruit you?

“One major thing, is I would just like to become a better overall player and improve in every aspect of the game. While I would love to bring in a good bit of offers I know that is not guaranteed unless I put in the work to become a better player in order to get those. I want to work and put in that work, after dealing with those injuries. Nobody wants a guy that is willing to put in the work. If the work doesn’t show on the court though then that’s a problem. I need to be able to showcase those abilities on the court. I’m willing to work to do that.”


What goals do you have for next high school season both personally and for the team? You’ll be a senior and a lot will be expected of you. Is there anything specific that you’re focusing on this offseason?

“Like most high school hoopers, especially seniors, a state championship is dreamed of. That’s my biggest goal is to be in that position to win it all. Next season I would as like to make all-region 1st team and also an all-state team while also hoping to get region player of the year. I know that won’t happen unless I get better. This offseason specifically though I’m of course looking to improve my game, but also, add weight to myself. Anyone who has seen me play or seen me in general know I’m on the skinner side. While I’ve been adding a lot of weight this school year, I know I need to continue to do so.”


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