Scouting Service

Any college coaches who are interested in subscribing to the Relentless Hoops Scouting Service, please fill out the form at the link below. There are 3 different subscription options (Platinum, Gold, and Silver). If you need any information prior to subscribing, please contact Trent Markwith at 678-471-1155. Programs that are already subscribed will be given free entry to our individual camps and other events in the future as well.

Subscription Form Link:

The Relentless Hoops Scouting Service has been approved in accordance with NCAA bylaws, policies, and procedures for 2023-24 and NCAA Division 1 coaches are permitted to subscribe to this service for Men’s Basketball as of March 3rd, 2023.

In compliance with all NCAA regulations, the Relentless Hoops Scouting service:

  • Does not allow any institution to purchase more than one annual subscription;
  • Is made available to all institutions desiring to subscribe and at the same fee rate for all subscribers;
  • Publicly identifies all applicable rates;
  • Disseminates information (e.g., reports, profiles) about prospective student-athletes at least four times per calendar year;
  • Publicly identifies the geographical scope of the service (e.g., local, regional, national) and reflects broad-based coverage of the geographical area in the information it disseminates;
  •  Provides individual analysis beyond demographic information or rankings for each prospective student-athlete in the information it disseminates;
  • Provides access to samples or previews of the information it disseminates before purchase of a subscription;
  • Provides information regarding each prospective student-athlete in a standardized format that ensures consistent distribution to all subscribers; and
  • Does not provide information in any form (e.g., oral reports, electronic messages) about prospective student-athletes beyond the standardized, consistent information that is provided to all subscribers.