Pre-Travel Season Player Spotlight: Michael Zanoni (2022 SG/Providence Day)

Michael Zanoni has quickly solidified himself as one of the best shooters around during his first 2 high school seasons. The 6’4″ sophomore SG has a pure outside shot that looks like it’s going in pretty much every time it leaves his hand. When PDS came to Georgia for the Deep South Classic, Zanoni went for 31 points with 6 made 3’s in their game I watched against Collins Hill. He makes his mark with 3-point shooting, but isn’t just a catch-and-shoot guy; Zanoni is capable of shooting off the dribble with defenders on him and is constantly improving his body & athleticism. His efficiency is impressive also as he doesn’t force shots or waste dribbles. He’s gotten some significant recruitment even as a sophomore and will be with Team CP3 in the EYBL again this summer. As he prepares for the upcoming travel season, Zanoni reflected on this past winter with us, along with going into detail about his development. He does not have any offers at the moment, but I think that will almost definitely change before the end of the summer.


Michael Zanoni Sophomore Highlights:

Recruitment: Interest from NC State, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Utah, Liberty, Charlotte, Yale, Winthrop, and Gardner-Webb. Visits taken to South Carolina (3/3/20), Illinois (2/29/20 & 10/19/19), Utah (9/28/19), and NC State (9/21/19).


michael zanoni


You had a really good sophomore season and had a great game when I watched you guys in Atlanta- Talk about how you think your sophomore season went overall. Where do you think you improved from your freshman season to this year?

“I thought I made a huge jump from freshman to sophomore year, over the summer going into sophomore year my trainer and I focused a lot on finishing off of 2 feet and shooting off action. I also got a lot stronger. I really enjoyed my sophomore year because it was the first time where I was being face guarded and denied off the ball and I had to work for every shot and learn to shoot over people with hands in my face.”


You’re a tremendous shooter and a lot goes into that. Some of it may be natural but it takes a ton of work. Give some insight on what it takes to be that type of shooter, what type of things do you focus on to stay consistent and keep improving?

“I work really hard to improve on a daily basis, for about 3 years now I’ve been getting 500-1,000 shots up everyday because there’s a gym with a shooting machine right behind my house. After I get shots up I do skill work and footwork with my trainer. And recently I’ve focused on building more and more strength.”


Coaches can’t contact you directly yet, but you’ve already been getting a good amount of early recruitment. How has the recruiting process been for you so far? Is there anything surprising about it or anything you’ve enjoyed in particular?

“Even though I’m still young I really enjoy schools expressing interest in me because it shows that my work is paying off, however I still have a lot more to do so I can get where I want to be. I’m a sophomore so I haven’t really focused on my recruitment too much I just try to get better and stronger right now.”


You’ll be with CP3 again this summer- What are you looking forward to about this travel season and what do you hope to show college coaches so that some of your interest can possibly turn into offers?

“I’m really excited to get back with CP3 again and we added some new pieces this year and I think we have a good shot to win Peach Jam and be one of the best 16U teams regardless of the circuit. Schools know I can shoot, but I want to show that I can do more, I learned how to score this year with guys all over me and create my own shots. Also I would like to show my athleticism so I’m not known as “just a shooter.””


What do you think the next step in your development is to keep rising above other guys in 2022? Is there anything specific that you’re focusing on this off-season?

“The next step is to be stronger, I’ve been focusing on not getting pushed off my spot when driving and to use my body when finishing/dunking. I always work on my shot and ball handling every day and also snapping my passes.”

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