2023 Relentless Hoops Military Circuit Initial Details

The 2023 Relentless Hoops Military Circuit is set for January 27th through January 29th at Hargrave Military Academy. This is our 3rd year partnering with Hargrave for the Military Circuit and the 2023 edition looks to be the deepest field yet. 23 different teams are participating (14 Post-Grad & 9 High School) with 9 US States represented and a team from Canada. Over the 3-day event, 21 games will take place with unique matchups and lots of quality talent in the gym throughout the weekend. Team & prospect previews will be posted as we get closer to the event. Below you can find the link for tickets & game livestreams, followed by the full game schedule for the weekend.

General Admission, College Coaches, and Livestream Information:

2023 Relentless Hoops Military Circuit

Game Schedule:

Friday January 27th

11:00am: Winston-Salem Christian Postgrad (NC) vs. Believe Prep (SC)

1:00pm: IMG Academic Postgrad (FL) vs. Busche Academy (NH)

3:00pm: Springfield Commonwealth Academy (MA) vs. Middle Georgia Prep (GA)

4:30pm: Blue Ridge School (VA) vs. Hargrave Military Academy Varsity (VA)

6:00pm: Miller School (VA) vs. The Skill Factory (GA)

7:30pm: Hargrave Military Academy Postgrad (VA) vs. First Love Christian Postgrad (PA)

9:30pm: Winston-Salem Christian National HS (NC) vs. First Love Christian National HS (PA)

Saturday January 28th

9:00am: Busche Academy (NH) vs. Golden State Prep (CA)

11:00am: First Love Christian Postgrad (PA) vs. Combine Academy Postgrad (NC)

1:00pm: First Love Christian National HS (PA) vs. Miller School (VA)

2:30pm: Hargrave Military Academy Varsity (VA) vs. Chatham High School (VA)

4:00pm: The Skill Factory (GA) vs. The Burlington School (NC)

5:30pm: London Basketball Academy (CAN) vs. Hargrave Military Academy Postgrad (VA)

7:30pm: Mt. Zion Prep (MD)  vs. Massanutten Military Academy (VA)

9:30pm: Speights Academy (FL) vs. Fork Union Military Academy (VA)

Sunday January 29th

9:00am: Believe Prep (SC) vs. Springfield Commonwealth Academy

11:00am: Golden State Prep (CA) vs. IMG Academic Postgrad (FL)

1:00pm: Combine Academy Postgrad (NC) vs. Mt. Zion Prep (MD)

3:00pm: Massanutten Military Academy (VA) vs. Speights Academy (FL)

5:00pm: Winston-Salem Christian Postgrad (VA) vs. London Basketball Academy (CAN)

7:00pm: Middle Georgia Prep (GA) vs. Fork Union Military Academy (VA)