2023 Select 80 All-Camp Team

Our Select 80 Camps wrapped up last weekend with the 2023 Select 80 taking place on Saturday September 24th, followed by the 2024 Select 80 on Sunday September 25th. It was a fun weekend filled with competition & prospects who boosted their stock. As we do every year, All-Camp Teams have been selected for each session. After starting with the 2024 Select 80, here is the 2023 Select 80 All-Camp Team. 10 players were chosen, followed by some Honorable Mention selections. Our next Podcast Episode is going to dive into these selections, so this is just a brief overview of who was selected. Also be on the lookout for The Terrific 10, an overall Top 10 Performers group combined from both camps.

*These selections are in no particular order.

1. 6’6″ Cedric Taylor (Drew Charter)

2. 6’2″ RJ Kennedy (Fayette County)

3. 6’6″ Blake Seitz (North Gwinnett)

4. 6’4″ Kenny Southall (Mount Vernon)

5. 6’1″ Isaac Martin (King’s Ridge)

6. 6’6″ KJ Brayboy (Eagle’s Landing)

7. 5’11” Jesse Gaynes (Marist)

8. 6’3″ AJ Patterson (Mount Vernon)

9. 6’5″ Keshawn McPherson (Osborne)

10. 6’3″ Chase Hill (Rockdale County)

Honorable Mention:

Delang Muon

Jake Hatch

Ben Ritger

Camarion Johnson

Ansar Osman

Jackson Lewis

Conner Tilley

Parrish Johnson

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