Georgia Sponsored Programs April Review

The April Live Periods are in the books and now teams get a chance to reset & evaluate where they stand halfway through the spring. The state of Georgia features 6 different programs who have shoe sponsored 17U teams- The Skill Factory and the Georgia Stars on the Nike EYBL Circuit, the Atlanta Celtics, Game Elite, and Team Huncho on the Adidas 3SSB Circuit, and the Atlanta Xpress in the Under Armour Association. Here we take a quick look at how they have fared so far both with their teams as wholes and with their individual players.

Nike EYBL:

The Skill Factory: 6-2 Record

Leading Scorer: Isaiah Collier- 17.6 PPG

Leading Rebounder: Arrinten Page- 5.6 RPG

Leader In Assists: Isaiah Collier- 6.5 APG

Georgia Stars: 3-5 Record

Leading Scorer: Eric Dailey Jr.- 13.4 PPG

Leading Rebounder: Eric Dailey Jr.- 6.0 RPG

Leader In Assists: Anthony Robinson II- 4.2 APG

Adidas 3SSB:

Atlanta Celtics: 5-3 Record

Leading Scorer: AJ Barnes- 18.3 PPG

Leading Rebounder: AJ Barnes- 7.6 RPG

Leader In Assists: Jayden Lemond- 3.3 APG

Game Elite: 5-3 Record

Leading Scorer: Jaiun Simon- 11.1 PPG

Leading Rebounder: Jaiun Simon- 8.2 RPG

Leader In Assists: Jase McCullough & Saulamon Evans- 2.0 APG

Team Huncho: 1-7 Record

Leading Scorer: Brycen Blaine- 21.3 PPG

Leading Rebounder: Brycen Blaine- 8.3 RPG

Leader In Assists: Samarion Bond- 1.5 APG

Under Armour Association:

Atlanta Xpress: 5-3 Record

Leading Scorer: Stephon Castle- 17.9 PPG

Leading Rebounder: Braden Pierce- 5.8 RPG

Leader In Assists: Stephon Castle- 2.4 APG

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