2023 Select 80 All-Camp Team

The 2023 Select 80 Camp was held just over 2 weeks ago and after some time to review & look back on the camp, we have picked an All-Camp Team of 10 prospects who had exceptional days. Also included are a few honorable mentions. Let’s see who left their mark on this year’s Select 80 for rising juniors.

6’3″ G Mansir Williamson (Centennial)

Just like Damoni Harrison at the 2022 camp, the best player from the championship-winning team is put at the top of our All-Camp Team for the 2023 Select 80 as well. Williamson came out with an aggressive mindset and kept it for the duration of camp, forcing turnovers defensively and making things happen off of penetration consistently. He has great dexterity with the ability to finish with both hands equally well and possesses long arms that aid him around the basket. There are few moments where he is not involved in the action and you can tell he plays with a determination that is needed. The production for Williamson has been there since his very 1st varsity game as a freshman and it should reach an even higher level during the 2021-22 season.

6’5″ W Michael Mora (Asheville School)

One of the out-of-state prospects who came down for camp, it didn’t take long for Mora to leave a positive impression on local Georgians at the Select 80. As said in the tweet below, Mora was extremely consistent; he started the day well and his production did not seem to waver at any point of camp. He has a strong, sturdy build and is able to use it methodically to create opportunities & make things easy for himself when he puts the ball on the deck. Mora possesses a soft shot from deep with a nice release point and clean form; he was accurate from beyond the arc early & often, which helped to open other parts of his game. He is decisive but controlled in both the halfcourt & transition with poise and his aforementioned strength. The efficiency and simplicity to his game was refreshing to watch and resulted in a solid all-around performance. Asheville School has a plethora of guys who could sneak up on people this season.

6’6″ W Kaden Cooper (TSF Prep)

Cooper was undoubtedly the most explosive athlete in attendance and those qualities were on full display throughout camp. Having come from Oklahoma following the summer, Cooper surprised some people early on with some of his dunks and quickly became the center of attention. The way he’s able to pop off the floor with fluidity and not much momentum or stoppage is rare. Every time he had the chance, he looked to tear the rim down and didn’t mind going through bodies to do so. Cooper also had some positive moments of passing and creative finishing in the halfcourt, showing what the finished product could be once everything he has is honed in on. I trust that the TSF staff will be able to get the most out of him especially given the extra year he now has with reclassifying to 2023.

6’8″ F Dylan Faulkner (Calhoun)

After a strong summer with the Atlanta Allstars, Faulkner recently pulled in his 1st offer from North Florida and looked worthy of it at the Select 80. He’s not a forward that demands the ball a ton, instead getting his production by running the floor hard, hitting the boards, and actively positioning himself for easy baskets. Faulkner created headaches for opponents at camps by flying in for offensive rebounds constantly during game play. He gets off the floor well off either 1 or 2 feet and has a body that can battle through hits. There’s a toughness and no-nonsense feel to him that I’ve always liked and it helped him at camp. Faulkner plays hard and stays alert in the paint not only as a rebounder but also as a rim-protector, and is reliable when converting in the lane on offense. He shows flashes of different traits skill-wise and if he continues to enhance those before next travel season, more Division 1 programs will enter the mix.

6’4″ W Kyle Walters (Lovett)

An Atlanta Allstars teammate of Faulkner’s, Walters has not gotten the same attention as others from that group, but he was part of the championship team at camp and was right up there with Mansir Williamson for most productive player on the team. Walters is a sneaky, unassuming player who just really understands the game. He connects on different types of shots from various areas on the floor with good size and a savviness when finding open spots. You won’t see Walters playing outside of himself often as he keeps things simple, make good reads, and moves well without the ball to get himself involved. With the graduation of Ryan Mutombo, it will be on Walters and Christian Anderson to step up even more and generate offense for Lovett.

6’7″ F Albert Wilson (North Cobb Christian)

Another new name to the state, Wilson has made the move to Georgia after spending time in North Carolina and most recently Arizona. A burly forward who is a mismatch waiting to happen at the high school level, Wilson has a nice blend of force & skill to his game in addition to a good understanding of how to exploit each of his matchups. He’s able to handle & break down slower forwards from around 15-17 feet but also likes to get physical and do the dirty work inside. Wilson also showed a mid-range jumper with some touch that should be a weapon for him this season. He was very aggressive throughout camp and seems to come with a chip on his shoulder. North Cobb Christian is in line for a successful season and I expect Wilson to be a big part of that.

6’3″ SG James White (Mount Bethel)

I’ve appreciated White’s game for a while now and was very interested in seeing how he would fare against the talent that we had at camp. He exceed my expectations, showing an expanded offensive game and scoring in unique ways. His proficient 3-point shooting came as no surprise as it was the variety of in-between shots he connected on that really left an impression. White seems to know that he isn’t going to out-athlete his opponents, instead using a mixture of head fakes, spins, and bumps to get to his mid-range sweet spots where he has nice touch. He has gotten stronger & more physical and seems to have an elevated level of confidence heading into his junior season. It is likely that he’ll have to shoulder a heavy offensive load for Mt. Bethel and if the Select 80 was any indication, he’s ready for it.

6’5″ SF KJ Brayboy (Eagle’s Landing)

Brayboy came into camp as an unknown but left with a lot of chatter from the camp’s coaches and others in attendance. He made a ton of athletic plays on the day, both offensively & defensively, playing with a good motor and aggression. Brayboy is a long 6’5″ who is pretty explosive off 1 foot and is good laterally. He showed he can stay with smaller guys on the perimeter or bother interior players when they attempted to score down low. Just as we started to think he was just an athletic energy guy, Bryaboy connected on multiple 3’s during games and was effective handling in transition a few times as well. I think he’ll fill an important role for a good Eagle’s Landing group this winter and I’ll be paying close attention to how he progresses.

6’4″ SF Seth Fitzgerald (Milton)

It’s easy to fall through the cracks on a loaded Milton team, so it was encouraging to see Fitzgerald able to display more of his full abilities at camp. He’s a great glue guy who is consistently in the right place and makes a lot of scrappy hustle plays. At the Select 80, Fitzgerald proved that he can push the break & convert on crafty transition finishes to go with his usual activity on the defensive end. Time & time again, he grabbed rebounds and made things happen for his team. He was also successful on a few unorthodox mid-range shots and looks improved as an athlete. Adding all of this to his expected motor and toughness gives positive signs for his long-term development. I’m interested to see how things pan out with Fitzgerald over the next 2 years.

6’5″ W Aaron Smith (Kell)

Fitting a similar mold as Fitzgerald in terms of their play style & abilities, Smith has been making clear efforts in his progression to being a true perimeter player and he was able to show off some of that improvement while still staying true to what has worked for him in the past. Few gave more defensive effort than Smith, as he guarded multiple positions with physicality & intensity, even picking up full-court a handful of times and forcing miscues by the offense. He knocked down some outside shots and continues to look more confident out there. Transition is where he thrived, both getting ahead of the pack and pushing himself. He always implements a physical approach with some grit that coaches should appreciate. The entire Kell team seems to have that mentality and it will be fun to watch over the next few months.

Honorable Mentions:

Niko Wilson

Jeremiah Holloway

Keith Williams

Isaac Martin

Sean Cusano

Parrish Johnson

Tayden Owens

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