2022 Select 80 All-Camp Team

The 2022 Select 80 Camp was held just over 2 weeks ago and after some time to review & look back on the camp, we have picked an All-Camp Team of 10 prospects who had exceptional days. Also included are a few honorable mentions. Let’s see who left their mark on this year’s Select 80 for available seniors.

*This is not a ranking, players listed are in no particular order

6’4″ G Damoni Harrison (Archer)

Harrison first burst onto the scene with a tremendous performance at last fall’s Select 80 for rising juniors and has proven himself every step of the way since then. It was only fitting that he came out as the top dog at this year’s camp, leading his team to the championship and finishing with 24 points in the title game. He added to his offers shortly after camp with South Georgia Tech jumping into the mix and is sure to keep piling up college options over the next few months. A strong & athletic 6’4″ guard, Harrison gets a ton of different things done on both sides of the ball and plays with a tenacity that you rarely see. With his defensive prowess and ever-improving offensive game, he’s hard to ignore.

6’8″ F Nordin Kapic (Denmark)

Kapic has wasted no time since arriving in Georgia after coming over from Austria; he first generated some buzz at the GBCA Team Camp in June and there aren’t many guys who have been more impressive than him in Fall League Action. The Select 80 was no different as he was able to quickly adapt to the camp style by showing his perimeter skill both as a shooter and facilitator. He’ll be a matchup nightmare in Forsyth this winter; few will be able to handle his physicality down low and savvy play with the ball. A lot of chatter around Kapic’s name is starting to form amongst college coaches and that trend will only continue. He fits today’s game.

6’2″ G TJ Lewis (North Atlanta)

One of my favorite things about our camps is lesser-known guys taking advantage of the stage and boosting their stock. No one did that better than TJ Lewis at this year’s Select 80. In the 1st round of gameplay, he went for close to 30 points, scoring in just about every way. Even more impressive was the fact that after each made basket, he was right there picking up and pressuring the other team’s PG full-court. Lewis has soft touch and gets good elevation, is quick with the ball, and makes the right reads off of penetration. It’s rare to have a player bring the type of energy & aggression he did in a camp setting while still being unselfish & efficient. Warren Wilson College offered him recently and there are a host of other college programs who are now tracking him; he has a lot of momentum heading into the season and should keep picking up traction.

6’5″ W JP Haggarty (Lake Norman Christian)

Coming down from North Carolina, Haggarty quickly left his mark on camp with high IQ play in 4v4 and didn’t slow down during actual gameplay. He has a compact outside shot and his early connections from deep set up other parts of his game, getting to the basket under control by using big shoulders and a strong overall frame to create space & angles. He knows who he is and doesn’t overdo things on offense, while also chipping in with rebounding. Numerous coaches in attendance were impressed with how his skillset could translate to college. Lake Norman Christian looks much different this year and he’ll have a key role in their success.

6’3″ W Dylan Cambridge (Kell)

On numerous occasions I’ve talked about the effort that Cambridge puts forth in each game he plays. You never have to question it and that approach almost always results in a productive camp showing. At the Select 80, Cambridge was all over the place defending, rebounding, and finishing above the rim. He’s an exceptional 2-foot leaper who can explode quickly without much momentum and can go through contact to convert. At the high school level he can guard 1-4 because of his toughness & impressive overall athleticism. Each time I watch him, he makes small strides on the offensive end, proving to be more reliable as a ball-handler and shooter. I’m excited to see the senior year he has.

6’2″ PG Jameel Rideout (Berkmar)

Entering camp as the highest ranked Georgia prospect in attendance, Rideout played up to his reputation and was extremely impressive in all 3 of his games. The consistency that he has continued to add to his 3-point shot was on full display at camp and put the defense at his mercy. Rideout knocked down deep ones off the dribble often and was then able to use his smooth handles & deception to penetrate. He’s a crafty finisher and also has good vision in traffic. His ability to create resulted in his team putting up a lot of points in each game. Similar to Harrison & Cambridge, you never have to question what type of effort you’ll get from Rideout as he is a smart defender who is committed on that end and reads things well. With the commitments in Georgia starting to rack up, he sticks out as one of the better available guards in the state.

6’7″ PF Miokaye Grant (Newton)

Over the summer, I felt like Grant fell through the cracks and is worthy of considerably heavier recruitment. He showed why at the Select 80, hurting opponents in a variety of ways. Grant has a big body that absorbs contact well, which helps to bang & carve out space when fighting for position inside as a rebounder or finisher. While Grant got things done by playing physically and being active, he is also skilled with the ball. There were multiple occasions where he took a slower big out to around 15 feet to face-up and attack off the dribble, doing so successfully. Grant has pretty good feet inside, a few go-to moves, and some touch. As he keeps polishing up & rounding out his game, I think he’ll be a very nice finished product. Catawba is his lone offer right now, but given the stage that Newton will be on and their expected success this season, he’ll have tons of opportunities to raise his profile even more.

6’1″ G Jay King (First Presbyterian Day)

Hailing from Middle Georgia, King wasn’t as well-known as some of the Atlanta-area prospects who were at camp, but he made sure that everyone knew who he was by day’s end. King filled it up as well as anyone, playing with a mixture of confidence & control when attacking in the halfcourt. He has a reliable pull-up jumper that is effective from different areas and is pretty quick getting into the paint. Another one that brought it on defense, King was able to play passing lanes to ignite transition opportunities and bother ball-handlers with quickness & anticipation. I like his mentality as he is one that clearly plays with a chip on his shoulder and has a business-like approach. He may remain a bit hidden down in Macon and a college program could end up getting a steal in King.

6’8″ PF Deakin Pereira (Grace Baptist)

Similar to Kapic, Pereira is a versatile 6’8″ prospect who can hurt you inside or out and has a good understanding of when to utilize each of his tools depending on the matchup. He’s physical, mobile, and a capable shooter. At camp he combined his skill with a motor that ran consistently, resulting in a very productive day. Pereira just committed to Cal-State Fullerton last week and will be one of the top players in Mississippi this winter.

6’7″ SF Ty Barbee (Lake Norman Christian)

A teammate of Haggarty’s at Lake Norman Christian, Barbee had a very nice day himself and had locals wondering who he was. I personally thought he was up there for 1 of the 3 or 4 best long-term prospects at camp. He’s a lengthy 6’7″ who moves fluidly and is able to get off the floor & well above the rim with relative ease. When he is locked in, Barbee is capable of wreaking havoc on defense; I think he can guard all 5 spots at the HS level and could be an exceptional help defender. Offensively, he showed all the bits & pieces to his repertoire, hitting multiple 3’s throughout the day, handling in transition, and cutting or running the floor for finishes. I also thought he did a good job of timing and reading things on the offensive glass. Coaches have taken notice of his tools with a handful of offers coming in for Barbee recently. Late-bloomers like him always need to be given close attention.

Honorable Mentions:

Thomas Allard

Cayden Charles

Alahn Sumler

Sebastian Tidor

Andrew Black

Eamonn Kenah

Malcolm Noel

Christian Thompson

Kidd Brizek

Trey Harris

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