2022 Select 80 Superlatives

Our Select 80 Camp Series took place the last 2 weekends with 2022 prospects competing on October 9th and 2023’s going a week later on the 16th. Both camps had a competitive, energetic environment in which numerous players performed well and elevated their status. In our 1st set of recaps, Benji Oxman gives us some superlatives for both the 2022 & 2023 camps. Here’s what he had from the action he saw at the 2022 Select 80. We’ll have All-Camp Teams and articles on Sleepers & Stock Risers next.

Best Shooters: Thomas Allard, Nick Lowery, & Andrew Black

6’6″ G Thomas Allard (North Gwinnett)

Thomas came into our 2022 camp with the reputation as one of the best shooters in the state and lived up to it. Thomas was hitting threes off the catch & dribble. He had a few step back heavily contested made threes that left our coaching staff asking me why he doesn’t have more going on in his recruitment. I still don’t truly know that answer either. Thomas currently holds offers from: Army, Navy, Lincoln Memorial & Emory. He still has serious interest from Kennesaw State, IUPUI, Iona, Loyola (MD) & VMI. Thomas also holds a 4.0 GPA & 30 ACT. Whatever college ends up with Thomas is getting a great player who’s more than just a shooter, he’s a really impressive passer and better defender than he gets credit for.

6’2″ SG Nick Lowery (Bishop Snyder (FL))

Nick made the most out of his long trip from Florida by putting on a great shooting display. Nick has one of the quickest releases I’ve seen off the catch. Doesn’t need much space or even his feet set to get off his shot. He’s like a microwave with how quickly he can get hot. He had a stretch at camp where he hit 4 threes in about 3 minutes of game play. Nick is also a solid rebounder and better athlete than most think. He recently picked up an offer from NAIA program Keiser University.

6’0″ SG Andrew Black (Greenbrier)

Andrew Black was a guy coming in I hadn’t seen too much of, but he impressed me all day. He just seemed to not miss any open 3s, particularly from the corners. Black has really good footwork coming off screens to square himself to the basket along with smooth mechanics. Along with his shooting ability I think Andrew has a high basketball IQ and has a strong body which allows him to make some good plays on the defensive end as well. Andrew was a key player in his team’s championship run at the Select 80. I’m surprised Andrew doesn’t have any offers because the combo of his shooting ability and IQ would make me think some college will take a chance on him.  

Best Athletes: Dylan Cambridge & Sebastian Tidor

6’3Wing Dylan Cambridge (Kell)

Dylan solidified himself for this award in the championship game when his teammate shot a 3 and Dylan went from standing still at the dunk spot to jumping off two feet straight up and throwing down on putback dunk a 6’7 big. Cambridge had multiple wow moments throughout the day whether it was dunking in traffic or transition. Dylan’s rebounding and motor impressed me all day too. Athletic guys who play bigger than their size with a nonstop motor always have a chance to succeed at the next level.

6’4″ Wing Sebastian Tidor (East Paulding)

Sebastian is another high-level athlete who plays so hard. Sebastian was throwing down big time dunks in transition all day, but he really impressed me in the half-court. He’s a capable three-point shooter, physical in the paint & a relentless rebounder. His motor was just as impressive as Cambridge’s. Also, a side-note but Sebastian played on an AAU team called the Georgia Stunners, a team I had never heard of before. My team won off a buzzer beating 3 but that wasn’t before Sebastian gave my team nearly 40 scoring all over the floor and just outworking everyone on my team. Sebastian should have a strong senior season and open some more eyes of college coaches.

Best Defender: Charles Stone

6’2″ Wing Charles Stone (Columbus)

Charles is a player who’s grown on me more and more every time I’ve watched him. At our Select 80 camp he really opened my eyes to how good of a defender he is. Every game he matched himself up against the other team’s best player whether it was a guard or forward. I watched him give opposing players fits with his ball pressure and length, blocking multiple jump shots. Capable 3-point shooter and a good athlete too. Charles also fights for every rebound on the offensive and defensive glass. Charles plays with 100% effort every single time he steps on the court. Players like that I will always want to go to war with.

Best Bigs: Nordin Kapic & Miokaye Grant

6’8″ PF Nordin Kapic (Denmark)

Nordin recently moved to Georgia in June from Austria and has left a massive impression in a short period of time. Nordin’s offensive skillset at 6’8 isn’t too common. He’s got an impressive feel in the post including great footwork with a variety of moves, & great passer. Nordin is also more than comfortable to step out to the 3-point line and knock down shots. Kapic also moves really well for his size at 6’8 and roughly 250 lbs. I think Nordin is massively under-recruited right now and after a strong high school season with Denmark his recruitment should pick up.

6’7″ PF Miokaye Grant (Newton)

Miokaye was by far the best defensive big at the 2022 Select 80. His rim protecting ability was a key part of his team’s championship run. To go along with his rim protecting ability, I think Grant rebounded on both the offensive & defensive glass, screen hard and ran the floor well. Miokaye also finished well around the rim whether he was aggressively dunking or finishing through contact.

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