Relentless Hoops Summer League Preview

The 1st Relentless Hoops Summer League starts tomorrow, Tuesday June 15th, and runs through Thursday, June17th, at Providence Christian Academy. Competing throughout the 3-day event are 15 different programs with a wide range of college-level prospects. Spectators are allowed to come and SuvTV will be providing streaming. Admission is $5 each day for those that wish to attend in-person. College coaches interested in attending or watching online can contact Trent Markwith. Below is the link for the live-stream, along with the schedules for the first 2 days, and then the bracket & schedule for Day 3. Notable prospects from each team follow those. We are extremely excited to get started and watch the action, there will be tons of good matchups and good players at Providence this week.

Live-Stream Link:

Schedule & Bracket:

Notable Prospects:


Robert Cowherd (Grayson)

Chauncey Wiggins (Grayson)

Tyrese Elliott (Grayson)

Chance Thacker (Providence Christian)

Tony Carpio (Providence Christian)

Sahmir King (Kell)

Christian Drummer (Archer)

Damoni Harrison (Archer)

Caleb Blackwell (Grayson)

Josh Hughes (Etowah)

Jonah Hamilton (Etowah)

Dajaun Devonish (Etowah)

Jack Hewitt (North Cobb Christian)

Tremain Davis (North Cobb Christian)

Major Freeman (Archer)

Dylan Cambridge (Kell)

Sam Witt (Providence Christian)

Chris Reddick (Creekside Christian)

Dennis Sturdivant (Meadowcreek)

Marquez Harris (Meadowcreek)

Tim Loud (Winder Barrow)

Jermaine Smoak (Cumberland Christian)

Delva Chedlet (Cumberland Christian)

Aaron Brooks (Cumberland Christian)

Elijah Wiseman (Cumberland Christian)

Djbril Barry (Therrell)


Jelani Hamilton (Cumberland Christian)

Eduardo Hendricks (Meadowcreek)

Malik Ferguson (Grovetown)

Dayton Richardson (Meadowcreek)

Aaron Nomel (Grovetown)

Keith Williams (Mount Vernon)

Chad Moodie (Grayson)

Markel Freeman (Grovetown)

Brandon Rechsteiner (Etowah)

Mason Etter (Etowah)

Gora Niang (Cumberland Christian)

AJ Patterson (Mount Vernon)

Keishawn Hampton (Meadowcreek)

Jaylen Priester (Creekside Christian)

Jeremiah Taylor (South Paulding)

CJ Wallace (North Cobb Christian)

PJ Johnson (Kell)

Carter Clark (Creekside Christian)

Graham Nies (Creekside Christian)

Luke Strickland (Providence Christian)

Aaron Smith (Kell)

Jeremiah Holloway (Winder Barrow)

Amir Banks (Therrell)


Gicarri Harris (Grayson)

Aiden Weaver (Etowah)

Andrew LaVigne (South Paulding)

Jaylen Colon (Kell)

Dimitri Angelakos (Etowah)

Josh Langefels (Kell)

Dominick Wright (Archer)

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