Spring Rankings Update (2021-2023)

The travel season kicks off this weekend and we have updated our player rankings for Georgia ahead of these spring & summer tournaments. Our 2021 rankings have been expanded to a Top 200, 2022 has been expanded to a Top 175, 2023 has been expanded to a Top 125. All classes also included an alphabetical Next 50 list composed of prospects who are close to breaking into the rankings or we need to see more of over the next few months. These rankings can be expected to be updated again at the end of May before High School Team Camps start in June.

The rankings for each class can be found at the following links:

2021: https://relentless-hoops.com/2021-georgia-top-200/

2022: https://relentless-hoops.com/2022-georgia-top-175/

2023: https://relentless-hoops.com/2023-georgia-top-125/

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