Relentless Hoops Spring Individual Camps

After holding our first 2 individual camps last fall, we’re going to be back next month with 2 more camps for prospects from Georgia and surrounding states.

Just like in the fall, our spring camps will be limited to 80 total players in each camp and they are both invite-only events.

The Spring Warmup will take place on Sunday March 7th and will include 2022 & 2023 prospects.

The Senior Showdown will take place on Saturday March 13th and is limited to available 2021 prospects. Players can register at the following link:

We have begun sending out invites to attendees from our previous camps as well as other players we have seen throughout the season; if you have not been invited and feel like you’re worthy, please contact us through email or reach out to us on Twitter at either @Relentless_Hoop or @TMarkwith14.

Full info for both camps can be found below:

Event: Spring Warmup (2022 & 2023 Prospects)

Date: Sunday March 7th

Time: 11AM-5PM

Location: Kennesaw Mountain High School

Event: Senior Showdown (2021 Prospects)

Date: Saturday March 13th

Time: 11AM-5PM

Location: Kennesaw Mountain High School

Registration Link:

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