Relentless Hoops Military Circuit Preview

This weekend, we are teaming up with Hargrave Military Academy to host the Relentless Hoops Military Circuit. On January 30th & 31st, 14 teams from 7 different states will come to Hargrave’s Walter Davis Gym to compete. There is going to be a wealth of talent in attendance. With no in-person fans allowed, below you can find the link to the event’s live-stream info and 2-day schedule, followed by a preview of the teams/players who will be participating.

Live-Stream Info:


Event Preview:

Signed/Committed Prospects:

Benny Williams (IMG)- Syracuse/25th ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

Jonas Aidoo (Liberty Heights)- Marquette/33rd ranked prospect in the Rivals150

Miles Kelly (Hargrave)- Georgia Tech/87th ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

Tyler Beard (Hargrave)- Georgetown/131st ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

Brandon Murray (IMG)- LSU/139th ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

Will Felton (Hargrave)- Arizona State/177th ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

Jalen Deloach (TSF)- VCU/265th ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

PJ Edwards (Liberty Heights)- UCF

Jordan Wildy (Winston-Salem Christian)- Iona

Daniel Nixon (Winston-Salem Christian)- George Washington

Terrence Johnson (Liberty Heights)- Mississippi Valley State

David Stewart (Mt. Zion)- Colby

Top Available Prospects (Teams Listed Alphabetically)

Beckley Prep IJN:

6’5″ Segun Shodunke

6’9″ Saliou Nguer

6’3″ Joryam Saizonou

6’0″ Kaden Warner (2022)

6’6″ Ayden Ince (2022)

6’9″ James Okonkwo (2023)

Believe Prep:

6’4″ Deyton Albury

6’1″ Nicolas Burns

7’0″ James Munlyn

6’5″ Amarhie Simpkin

6’5″ Oladele Oladitan

6’5″ Tyreck Morries

6’2″ Jalen Moore

Carolina Basketball Academy:

6’6″ Clifford Borrow

6’7″ Nathanyiel Pericles

6’9″ Tyrhe Fortney

6’2″ Jalen Houston (2022)

6’9″ Sincere Malone (2022)

Combine Academy:

6’5″ Jayshawn Moore

6’3″ Martin Kawa

6’3″ Khayden Hooks

6’5″ Jan Osul

6’6″ Brent Darby

6’7″ Saul May

Fork Union Military:

6’3″ Jules Bikoy

6’8″ Anouar Mellouk

6’3″ Marcus Banks

6’4″ Zy’Ever Wingfield

6’8″ David Kamwanga

Hargrave Military:

6’0″ Jackie Johnson

6’6″ Ant Perry

6’8″ IJ Ezuma

6’2″ Jordan Battle

6’4″ Grayson Honaker

7’0″ Matthew Nunez (2022)


7’1″ Efton Reid- 23rd ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

6’11” Charles Bediako- 26th ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

6’8″ Kordell Charles- 167th ranked prospect in the 247Sports Composite

6’3″ Lynn Greer

6’7″ Nick Filchner

6’4″ Oscar Berry

6’2″ Javier Ezquerra

Liberty Heights:

6’9″ Isaac Farah

6’2″ Jeremy Baker

6’3″ Elijah Jamison (2022)

Massanutten Military:

6’4″ Dashaun Grogan

6’1″ Andrew Palmer

6’2″ Umar Lawson (2022)

6’8″ Kyrese Mullen (2022)

6’0″ Kanye Clary (2022)

Mt. Zion:

6’5″ AJ Lopez

6’7″ Ian Wallace

6’9″ Elijah Jones

5’11” BJ Francis

6’7″ Hasson Massenburg (2022)


6’3″ Christian Wright

6’9″ Chase McKey

6’4″ Kevon Eskridge

6’10” Tadhg Crowley

5’10” Joh Wilson

6’5″ Daeyon James

Winston-Salem Christian HS:

6’7″ Tavis Bridges

6’11” Christ Essandoko (2022)

6’10” Brandon White (2022)

6’4″ Quante Berry (2022)

6’4″ Christian Cornish (2022)

6’7″ Brayden Crump (2024)

Winston-Salem Christian PG:

6’3″ Lovell Smith

6’6″ Kenny Hodges

5’10” Zeke Beasley

6’3″ Parker Grant

6’6″ Bryan Saters

6’3″ Hamo Dieng

West Virginia Elite:

6’9″ Shaumba Ngoyi

6’8″ Landry Palata

6’9″ Jerome Beya (2022)

6’4″ Josiah Davis (2022)

6’3″ Brandon Brown (2022)

6’4″ Maki Johnson- 34th ranked prospect in 2023 on 247Sports

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