Sleeper Report: Holiday Edition (Part 1)

6’3” 2021 W Martise Jackson (Siegel/Tennessee)

Jackson proved to be more than capable as Siegel took on CPA in a high-powered battle that required all the offense the Stars could find. As a team, they put up 55 points in the 1st half alone and Jackson was exceptional in his balance of scoring himself & distributing the ball to Siegel’s other guards. He has a smooth, slithery game in the open court that allows him to create opportunities, but also showed that he can be a spot-up target on the wing for 3’s. Siegel doesn’t play with traditional bigs, so Jackson and Matt Schneider play on the interior defensively for the Stars. He has decent length and will block shots & battle inside against bigger forwards while also playing passing lanes effectively. His performance of 22-9-6 in this game and overall showing at the event should give him a boost of confidence going forward as Siegel gets ready for a state playoff run.

6’6” 2021 F Jamichael Stillwell (Hamilton Heights/Tennessee)

An Atlanta native, Stillwell transferred to Elevation Prep in Indiana coming into the fall before recently making the move to Hamilton Heights. He was back in Atlanta for the Big South Shootout and played how one might expect him to in a “homecoming.” With this Hamilton Heights team, he fills an important role and excels in it, bringing energy & intensity on both ends of the floor. Stillwell showed off some skill around the perimeter, but doesn’t need the ball to be effective. He prides himself on being a beast rebounder, playing physically, and being that utility guy that most don’t want to be. He hauled in 11 boards to lead the team in rebounding while also posting 10 points with some good inside-out play. His hard-nosed approach should gain the liking of coaches soon.

6’4” 2021 W Connor English (Ravenwood/Tennessee)

Don’t let English’s unsuspecting appearance fool you, he helps to negate his disadvantage in strength with athletic ability and fearless play. He recorded a double-double of 14 points & 10 rebounds for Ravenwood in their game against St. Pius. Everyone in Georgia knows of the intense defense that Pius employs; it took some adjusting, but English was able to be effective both inside and out. He can knock down 3’s, but is best using his length as a finisher. His long arms also help him as a rebounder, where he can secure boards even among traffic with pesky Pius players looking to swipe it away. English gets up quick off his feet and won’t be shy taking on defenders at the rim despite his thin frame. The activity he displayed in addition to his skill & athleticism form a mixture of traits that will give him some college options.

6’2” 2021 SG Jaylan Wetzel (Siegel/Tennessee)

Another key contributor for Siegel in the aforementioned CPA matchup, Wetzel fits right in with the Stars’ core of perimeter players. He got better as the game went on and took some of the pressure of Siegel’s other guys after they had hot starts. Wetzel knows who he is and doesn’t make many bad decisions on the offensive end. He’s good on catch-and-shoot opportunities, gets out in transition & fills the lanes well, and has the body to finish through contact. His impact extends to the defensive side as well where he can guard a few different spots and creates turnovers. There isn’t a ton of excitement or flair to Wetzel’s game but he has good fundamentals, competes, and understands how to play. His production has been consistent for Siegel with a 16.8 PPG average so far in their 9-3 season.

6’2” 2021 G Raheem Swain (Lithonia)

Possibly the biggest statement-maker at the TOC, Swain provided high-flying, entertaining plays in both of Lithonia’s games at the event. Whenever he gets some space in the open court, Swain looks to push it all the way to the basket and has the speed to do so often. He’s an explosive leaper but also has a strong body that takes contact well. There wasn’t much that could be done to stop him as a slasher. His attack of the rim was nonstop but I also liked how he used his ability to get downhill as a way to get others involved. Swain’s shot looks like it could be reliable in time, and he also makes full use of his athleticism on the defensive end. Opponents hesitate in the paint because he can send away shots with ease, and he is a terror in passing lanes. Not many were aware of Swain before the TOC, but there’s a ton of buzz surrounding his name now and coaches are marking him down.

6’0” 2021 G Javen Flowers-Smith (Salem)

If Flowers-Smith’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he spent his first 2 high school seasons in Georgia. As a freshman & sophomore at Redan, he put up big numbers while being in the same AAA region as Pace. After a year away, he’s back in the Peach State and is doing his best to help Salem make noise in 3A. His performance against St. Anne-Pacelli was an exceptional one, scoring 31 points in the Seminoles’ win. He can make a ton happen with the ball in his hands and has a good overall skillset. Flowers-Smith is quick & shifty with the ball in his hands, can connect on a variety of jumpers, and has vision. Whatever the defense gave him, Flowers-Smith proved he could hurt them in that area. His aggression & energy on offense was infectious for his team; they played with good chemistry and got a lot of guys involved. Given his all-around scoring ability and the fact that he’s unselfish, Flowers-Smith looks like he’s towards the top of the available guards list in Georgia.

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