Week 3 Sleeper Report (11/30-12/6)

With the TOC Showcase Recap coming this week as well, the 3rd edition of our Sleeper Report focuses on some SC and NC prospects that were viewed in Spartanburg and Rock Hill last week. This week’s edition features a few guys who people are already pretty familiar with but deserve a heavier recruitment, as well as some of the usual overlooked prospects.

6’6” 2021 SF Kameron Little (Legacy Early College)

Little’s 1st offer came in from Voorhees on November 30th and after watching him twice last week, I’m surprised he doesn’t have more going on. Considering the wealth of Division 2 & NAIA programs in South Carolina and surrounding states, I figured there would already be a solid group of suitors for him. Little is the perfect energy/utility for this LEC team that’s nationally ranked and filled with talent. With a few of their other forwards out last week, Little played even bigger than usual for the team. His body is equipped for physical play and he battles inside for traffic rebounds and loose balls. Little provides low-maintenance offensive production by converting on drop-off finishes, putbacks, and filling the lanes in transition. I liked the defensive versatility he showed against Byrnes & Dorman also; his feet are good enough to guard on the perimeter and switch on ball-screens when needed. He may not be the sexy pick like other 6’6” guys who shoot a bunch of jumpers, but he brings his hard hat and impacts winning.

6’7” 2022 W Marcus Kell (Legion Collegiate)

Kell doesn’t necessarily fit the sleeper label; his name has some buzz surrounding it in SC, but only has 1 offer currently from Wingate. Seeing him in more of a featured role at Legion compared to what he was for Upward over the summer allows Kell to show his full arsenal. Of most value in Kell’s game is his perimeter shooting. He has a pretty outside stroke that comes off his hand clean and softly. With his height, he’s able to consistently get good looks even when defenders may be near. I liked how Kell showed that he wasn’t afraid to put the ball on the floor, get to mid-range spots, and even mix it up inside some against a Moravian team that has some physically mature 2021 prospects. He needs to continue to bulk up, but Kell doesn’t mind sticking his nose in for rebounds and doesn’t play timidly at all. His 1st half showing against Moravian was really impressive as he put up 18 points with only 2 made 3’s. The size, energy, and skill he brings should make him a heavily recruited prospect his final 2 years of high school.

6’0” 2021 PG Jalen Breazeale (Dorman)

Similar to Kell, Breazeale is a guy who has become fairly well-known while playing for Dorman and the Upward Stars, but I feel like he’s pretty undervalued on the recruiting trail. Against Legacy Early College last Wednesday, the Cavaliers weren’t able to have much success offensively in the 1st half, but got going behind the aggression of Breazeale after halftime. When he’s in attack mode off the dribble, he’s capable of creating for both himself and other frequently due to his quickness, craftiness, and strength. Breazeale looked like he has continued to add range to his 3-point shot and took more than a few against LEC that were well behind the line. He has a good package of floaters, understands when it’s time to get his or find others, and is solid defensively. Having to match up with an SEC signee throughout the game and more than holding his own, this viewing along with the many others I’ve had of Breazeale over the last 2 years make me wonder why he hasn’t attracted more schools.

6’2” 2021 PG Glynn Hubbard (Northside Christian)

Not having seen Hubbard for an extended period of time, I enjoyed watching the level of intensity and passion that he brings to the court again. From the opening tip against York Prep, Hubbard was locked in and in attack mode. He got in the paint constantly with controlled speed by staying low and on balance. This allowed him to make the right decision consistently after drawing help defenders inside, either kicking out to his teammates for open looks or finding ways to maneuver around opponents to finish. Hubbard is a left-handed player but uses both hands very well and had a few impressive moments with his right hand around the basket. The aggressive approach of Hubbard was evident on defense as well; he was always alert, on his toes, and rebounded very well for a guard. His ability to put pressure on the defense both in transition and in the halfcourt with the ball in his hands made a lot happen for the team and led them to a victory.

6’4” 2021 F Taviyon Bruton (Byrnes)

A stat line of 26 points & 12 rebounds is noteworthy no matter what, but when you do it while at a considerable size disadvantage like Bruton had to deal with against Legacy Early College, it’s even more impressive. He was able to work his way around and sneak in for offense rebounds, where he would then work until he was able to convert or draw fouls. He came through with numerous 2nd and 3rd chance opportunities that played a big part in helping Byrnes stay in the game. Bruton gave up height but has long arms and is determined in the paint. He also stepped out for a 3 in the 2nd half and showed that he has the ability to handle in the open court. The motor he showed on both backboards and grit he displayed when looking to finish in traffic are things I love to see. It looks like Byrnes is going to have a very nice season and he will be a key factor in that.

6’3” 2022 SG Jackson Holt (Moravian Prep)

With a lot of good prospects filling out the Moravian roster, Holt didn’t get the level of involvement and production like the others mentioned in this piece, but given the traits he has I think he’s one that needs to monitored going forward. Holt has a solid body to go along with a textbook outside shot that always looks like it’s going in. He stepped in and hit 3 3’s in the 2nd half against Legion Collegiate to help Moravian pull away after only leading by 4 at halftime. On his shot, Holt has a good wide base that keeps him balanced, he gets his shoulders square to the basket quickly, and goes straight up & down on his release. Adding a sniper like him who’s reliable, efficient, and doesn’t need many touches will be valuable for Moravian as the season progresses.

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