Week 2 Sleeper Report (11/23-11/29)

With all of the pre and post-Thanksgiving events around the state last week, there were lots of opportunities for guys to prove themselves on big stages. A good collection of 2021 prospects had good performances at Holiday Hoopsgiving and we’ll highlight them tomorrow. For now, we’ll take a look at which unheralded 2021 & 2022 prospects took advantage of playing in some of the best Thanksgiving events in Georgia.

6’4” 2021 SF Chris Green (Peachtree Ridge)

20 points (2 made 3’s), 9 rebounds, 2 steals vs. South Cobb

The Lions were without their head coach and lost a few key guys heading into this season, but that didn’t stop them from picking up an impressive win over South Cobb at the Jared Cook Classic, and Green was a huge part of that. His length and activity were useful the entire game as PR battled in a tight one and eventually secure the victory. Green grabbed traffic rebounds, got in passing lanes, and secured loose balls to give his team extra possessions. Alongside Deterrius Clayton, Green showed he can play inside and out on offense. He hit 2 3’s, converted on putbacks, and was able to finish in traffic despite being thin because of his long arms and wiry strength. If he wasn’t involved in a play, not many possessions would go by where Green would make sure to reinsert himself into the action and make an impact. His two-way versatility and high motor will be important for Peachtree Ridge the rest of the season.

6’6” 2021 F Cam Baldwin (Allatoona)

7 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks vs. Centennial

Baldwin showed some promising traits when I watched him last season, but wasn’t around much once the travel season got going this summer. He reminded us of his promise in a nice showing against Centennial with multiple college coaches in attendance. Although Baldwin is still a bit raw and needs some polishing up, but showed different pieces to his game that are very attractive for a 6’6” prospect. Early on in the game, he had some good moments passing the ball and stepped out to hit both a mid-range jumper and a 3. He didn’t get as many offensive opportunities in the 2nd half but used his long arms and good hands to secure boards and impact shot attempts both inside and outside of his area. Baldwin moves well, has touch, and has a lot of potential; after a year or two in college, he could flourish. Oglethorpe offered him shortly after the game.

6’3” 2022 PG Tomiwa Adetosoye (Chattahoochee)

16 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists vs. Lanier

Adetosoye had a good summer, opened a lot of eyes at the 2022 Select 80 in October, and has carried that momentum into the high school season. He’s a unique prospect who is a righty but uses his left hand extremely well and gets up off his right foot better than his left. Adetosoye can explode above the rim with ease and can fly through the air gracefully. Getting past defenders isn’t hard for him, he has good touch with that aforementioned left hand and will dish off to others as well. On the defensive side of the ball, Adetosoye has the size at 6’2-3” and athletic ability to rack up deflections, cause turnovers, and initiate the break after hauling in rebounds. If he develops his perimeter shot, his recruitment will be an active one.

6’4” 2022 SF Cameron Walker (Milton)

11 points (3 made 3’s), 3 rebounds vs. Berkmar

Walker’s game has continued to evolve; the improvement in his outside shot was on display at the 2022 Select 80 and he came through with some important 3’s at Hoopsgiving in Milton’s victory over fellow Top 10 7A team Berkmar. With the Eagles still missing football guys and Fisher Finley going down with injury, Walker stepped up and was not bashful at all. He loves the corners and is a consistent option when Bruce Thornton or others penetrate the defense and need someone to kick out to. As Milton went ahead and maintained their lead in the 4th quarter, Walker hit perimeter shots and gave them some interior defense against bigger opponents. This is a really talented Milton team and he could be that utility/glue guy that plays a vital role for them on their quest to a state title.

6’0” 2022 PG Simeon Cottle (Tri-Cities)

18 points (3 made 3’s), 3 rebounds, 3 assists vs. Greenforest

While Vanderbilt signee Peyton Daniels will have the ball in his hands a ton and put up big numbers for the Bulldogs this winter, Cottle is a guy who you should become more familiar with. If Tri-Cities’ game against Greenforest last week was any indication, he will be their secondary option and for good reason. Cottle was able to make an impact against Greenforest’s zone with a pure stroke from deep that resulted in 3 makes from beyond the arc in the game. Cottle lacks size  but he is a better athlete than you might expect at first glance. He’s quick, good with the ball, and has the ability to elevate and hang for creative finishes even against considerable length. The toughness and determination he plays with are other qualities that help negate his size disadvantage. Cottle is fearless and seems to play with a chip on his shoulder that I like. If he continues to produce like he did last week, you’ll be hearing his name a lot.

6’4” 2022 W Dylan Gary (North Gwinnett)

18 points (6 made 3’s), 3 rebounds vs. Newton

As Gary confidently pulled numerous 3’s from way behind the line to start the game against Newton, people in the stands asked “Who is that kid?” He made sure that everyone knew his name by the end of the night, finishing with 18 points off of 6 3’s in the Bulldogs’ win. Gary and Thomas Allard helped NG a bit in a slow offensive 1st half where the team only scored 22 points, but took it to a different level after halftime. At a long 6’4”, Gary was able to get off clean looks with his size and deep range. His shot has a lot of arc, comes off his hand softly, and he never hesitates when he gets some space. He didn’t even look like he was at 100% physically, but still spaced off the ball and moved wisely to get himself opportunities. Adding another weapon to NG’s known trio of Allard, Brendan Rigsbee, and RJ Godfrey is a huge boost.

6’0” 2021 G Chase Tucker (Mount Pisgah)

19 points (5 made 3’s), 3 rebounds, 2 assists vs. South Forsyth

Playing alongside Purdue Fort Wayne signee JoJo Peterson in the Pisgah backcourt, Tucker gives Peterson a reliable target to find for perimeter shots and can act as a secondary ball-handler. He played with supreme confidence in a matchup with South Forsyth at the Jared Cook Classic, nailing 5 3’s on his way to 19 points as the team won handedly. Tucker gets himself easy looks on the wing in transition and off ball-screens, proving to be comfortable & effective on both pull-ups and catch-and-shoot opportunities. He uses his outside shooting prowess to set up penetration for himself too; defenders identify him as a shooter and it allows him to show some craftiness in the paint. His combination of shooting and IQ make him a guy worthy of more looks.

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