Team Preview: Mount Vernon Presbyterian

I stopped by Mount Vernon Presbyterian School on Tuesday night to get a preview of what the Mustangs will look like in 2020-21. They’re headlined by 2023 PG Chase Clemmons, but also have a plethora of other sophomores who are going to be major contributors. The players who make up that 2023 group are- Chase Clemmons, Keith Williams, Dylan Holbrook, Ashton Patterson, and Kenny Southall. Upperclassmen like Syncere Harris, Cameron Jasper, Andrew Douglas, and Robbie Long will be big boosts for MV this year as well. Below is an overview of the Mustang roster, along with interviews we conducted with MV Head Coach Tarrik Mabon and Chase Clemmons to discuss their thoughts on the upcoming season.

  • 5’11” PG Chase Clemmons (2023)
  • 6’8″ C Keith Williams (2023)
  • 6’1″ G Dylan Holbrook (2023)
  • 5’6″ PG Syncere Harris (2022)
  • 6’3″ W Kenny Southall (2023)
  • 6’1″ G Ashton Patterson (2023)
  • 5’11” G Andrew Douglas (2021)
  • 6’1″ SG Cameron Jasper (2022)
  • 6’2″ SF Robbie Long (2021)

Interview with Mount Vernon HC Tarrik Mabon:

Interview with 2023 Mount Vernon PG Chase Clemmons:

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