2021 Select 80: Top Overall Performers

80 of the best available seniors in Georgia and other Southeastern states made their way to LakePoint on October 11th to compete and showcase their talents in front of college coaches at our Select 80 Camp. The day was filled with overlooked 2021 prospects who performed at a high level and opened the eyes of the coaches in attendance. Here are our Top 8 overall performers from the event, be on the lookout for more recaps soon.

6’3” G Jaeden Marshall (Richmond Hill)

If you ask anyone who was in attendance last Sunday, I think it would be unanimous that Marshall was the camp’s breakout performer and made the biggest statement of any camper. At 6’3” 215, Marshall is built like a linebacker and moves in a way that you wouldn’t expect for a guy with his frame. He’s like a freight train in the open court with great end-to-end speed and the ability to take hits without being knocked off balance. In his 1st game of the day, he got to the basket at will, leaving coaches wondering about his shooting ability. He quickly answered that question in his 2nd game, connecting on 5 shots from 3-point range, including some impressive deep ones off the bounce. Marshall brings a tenacity and competitiveness that served him very well in the camp. His didn’t have much of a recruitment to speak of going into camp, but he blew away the coaches in attendance with his performance and garnered the attention of numerous Division 2 programs, as well as a few D1’s. Marshall received his 1st offer on Wednesday night.

6’2” G Jax Bouknight (Blessed Trinity)

Bouknight proved throughout the summer that he is deserving of a heavy recruitment and further helped his case last Sunday. He was on one of the better teams at camp and after feeling things out a bit in their first game, Bouknight took things to a different level in the team’s second game. Everything starts with his speed and how difficult it is for defenders to stay in front of him. Bouknight is able to penetrate the lane consistently and once he gets there, he is skilled and crafty enough to score among bodies. He has an array of acrobatic finishes, will make the right pass when needed, and has a soft shot that he connects on from a variety of areas. There just aren’t a ton of available guards in Georgia with his level of skill and ability to create. GCSU offered him after he visited on Tuesday, North Georgia offered after a visit today (Thursday), and a few other schools seem like they’re close to pulling the trigger too.

6’8” F Jackson Price (Hiram)

Price came out determined to show the expansion in his game on Sunday; he was successful doing so in both of his games and did it in efficient fashion. Price displayed an ability to stretch the floor at camp that I had not seen from him before. He hit 7 3’s on his 2 games and was very confident in looking for his opportunities beyond the arc. Many have known him for his activity and strength in the paint, and while that was still shown on Sunday, this shooting aspect adds to his value even more. Once he hit a few, Price looked for his outside shot aggressively but still shot a good percentage and even connected on 2 deep ones after putting the ball on the floor. If he continues to show that he can be an inside-out threat like that, his recruitment will surely expand.

6’5” W Rashad King (Evans)

I think King may have been the most diverse, all-around player at camp. You can’t necessarily label him as a specialist in any one area but he does a ton of things at an above-average level and maximizes his ability with great effort and activity. King is a reliable ball-handler & decision-maker at 6’5” and did a good job of setting up others at camp. He was right up there for top motor on the day, constantly finding ways to sneak in for offensive rebounds and going all-out defensively. As a scorer, he’s best getting to the rim because of his size advantage, but he also knocked in a few threes. His versatility had coaches talking and will be why he’s tracked throughout the winter.

6’6” F Deandre Smart (New Hampstead)

I’ve seen Smart play better over the summer than he did at the Select 80, and he still ended up as the only player to average a double-double in his 2 games with 17 PPG and 10.5 RPG. Even when he went through a few rough patches with misses inside, Smart’s demeanor and approach did not change. He got his own miss countless times to convert on the 2nd or 3rd try and never gave up on rebounds. With a strong frame, good leaping ability, and one of the best motors around, Smart is a problem in the paint. He runs the floor pretty much every possession, plays above the rim, and is always looking to crash the offensive glass. Something else of note is that Smart just turned 17 on Tuesday, meaning he’s the age of normal 2022 prospect. This makes his current production even more impressive and is encouraging for what he could develop into in the future. Smart is becoming a popular name among college coaches and it isn’t hard to see why.

6’0” G Jason Edwards (Parkview)

One of the better microwave scorers in the state, Edwards did not disappoint with his ability to put up points at the Select 80, leading the camp with 23 PPG. Not bashful at all, Edwards quickly inserted himself into the camp with aggressive, confident offensive play. He is quick off the bounce and loves getting into pull-up 3’s in transition. Once you start to play him for that, he’ll give you a quick hesitation to get in the lane for a floater or find a way to draw contact & get to the free throw line. You might not find a player in the state with his combination of energy and confidence. From start to finish, he is looking to go right at you, an approach that served him well at camp. Edwards recently picked up his first 2 offers and another successful season at Parkview should be on the way for him.

6’5” G Kyle Duncan (Centennial)

I presented similar thoughts on Twitter following camp, but I truly believe that Duncan is one of the few guys who has displayed such consistent, reliable improvement in his game over the last year or two. He has always possessed good size and athletic ability for a perimeter player, but has gotten even more explosive and has learned how to be controlled with his physical capabilities. Duncan rebounds at a high rate for a guard and immediately looks to push in transition, where he puts lots of pressure on the defense. He’s an intense player who’s versatile on both ends and always wants to be involved in the action. All of those qualities were on display at camp, but the area where he most notably showed progress in? His shooting. Duncan looked much more confident in his perimeter shot and hit multiple 3’s on the day and a few nice mid-range turn-arounds as well. An impressive variety of schools are recruiting him currently, he’ll have his fair share of solid options in the spring.

6’1” G Logan Stephens (Woodward)

Stephens’ performance at camp may have been a bit quieter than others, but he was extremely productive. He had his coming out party over the summer with Team Forrest and hasn’t really disappointed since then. Stephens is a strong, bulky guard who excels at getting downhill. Despite giving up some height, he has a knack for finishing contested shots in tight spaces due to his ability to take contact and stay on balance. Stephens is determined when attacking the basket and is able to get defenders on their heels with a solid handle. He will also keep you honest with his jumper. Stephens rebounds actively for a guard his size and his build helps him in this area as well. He’s slowly starting to open the eyes of college coaches and is due for a big senior year at Woodward alongside Belmont commit Will Richard.

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