2021 Select 80 Camp: Individual Statistical Leaders

Every prospect at the 2021 Select 80 received 2 full games to showcase their talents. In a camp setting, sometimes it can be hard to find a rhythm quickly. However, there were a lot of guys in attendance last Sunday who were able to get going as soon as games started, and others picked it up in their 2nd game. Points, Rebounds, Assists, Made 3 Pointers, Steals, and Blocks were all accounted for. Here’s who produced at the highest rates in those areas at the 202 Select 80.

Points Per Game

1. Jason Edwards (Parkview)– 23 PPG

2. Jaeden Marshall (Richmond Hill)– 19.5 PPG

3. Deandre Smart (New Hampstead)– 17 PPG

T4. Logan Stephens (Woodward)– 16.5 PPG

T4. Jackson Price (Hiram)– 16.5 PPG

T4. Rashad King (Evans)– 16.5 PPG

T4. Max Harris (Wheeler)– 16.5 PPG

T4. Quinones Corpman (Meadowcreek)- 16.5 PPG

T9. Jax Bouknight (Blessed Trinity)– 14 PPG

T9. Griffin Cherry (North Paulding)– 14 PPG

T9. Shamar Norman (Windsor Forest)– 14 PPG

T12. Kyle Duncan (Centennial)– 13 PPG

T12. Ethan Pickett (Cherokee)– 13 PPG

14. Zyair Greene (Miller Grove)- 12 PPG

15. Travis Harper (St. Anne-Pacelli)- 11.5 PPG

T16. Kendric Lyles (Monroe Area)- 10.5 PPG

T16. Shomik Shahjahan (TSF)- 10.5 PPG

T16. Paul Lunguana (Lambert)- 10.5 PPG

T16. KJ Doucet (Chapel Hill)- 10.5 PPG

T16. Brookes Kahlert (St. Pius)- 10.5 PPG

Rebounds Per Game

1. Deandre Smart (New Hampstead)- 10.5 RPG

2. Rashad King (Evans)- 9 RPG

3. Jaheim Robinson (Johnson-Savannah)- 7 RPG

T4. Kai Simmons (St. Francis)- 6.5 RPG

T4. Derrick Brown (Monroe Area)- 6.5 RPG

T6. Ja’Heim Hudson (Wheeler)- 6 RPG

T6. Kyle Duncan (Centennial)- 6 RPG

T8. Paul Lunguana (Lambert)- 5.5 RPG

T8. Brysen Nunn (New Hampstead)- 5.5 RPG

T8. Elijah Williams (Providence Christian)- 5.5 RPG

T8. Chase Ballard (Lithonia)- 5.5 RPG

T8. Rock Robinson (Pontotoc, Mississippi)- 5.5 RPG

T13. Logan Stephens (Woodward)- 5 RPG

T13. James Watts-Abrams (Legacy Academy)- 5 RPG

Assists Per Game

1. Brookes Kahlert (St. Pius)- 5 APG

2. Isaac Brito (Trinity Christian)- 4.5 APG

3. Vino Glover (Collins Hill)- 4 APG

T4. Jax Bouknight (Blessed Trinity)- 3 APG

T4. Kristian Ford (East Paulding)- 3 APG

T4. Mason Barnes (Lambert)- 3 APG

T7. Rashad King (Evans)- 2.5 APG

T7. Chase Ballard (Lithonia)- 2.5 APG

T7. Ethan Pickett (Cherokee)- 2.5 APG

T7. Malachi Chipp (Alpharetta)- 2.5 APG

T7. Will Freeman (Baldwin)- 2.5 APG

Made 3 Pointers

1. Jason Edwards (Parkview)- 9 3PM

2. Jackson Price (Hiram)- 7 3PM

T3. Zyair Greene (Miller Grove)- 5 3PM

T3. Jaeden Marshall (Richmond Hill)- 5 3PM

T3. Brookes Kahlert (St. Pius)- 5 3PM

T3. Kendric Lyles (Monroe Area)- 5 3PM

T3. Max Harris (Wheeler)- 5 3PM

T8. Shane Erkins (Sandy Creek)- 4 3PM

T8. Joakeim Celestin (Dawson County)- 4 3PM

T8. Rashad King (Evans)- 4 3PM

Steals Per Game

1. Vino Glover (Collins Hill)- 3.5 SPG

T2. Rashad King (Evans)- 2.5 SPG

T2. Ethan Pickett (Cherokee)- 2.5 SPG

T2. Quinones Corpman (Meadowcreek)- 2.5 SPG

T5. James Watts-Abrams (Legacy Academy)- 2 SPG

T5. Jax Bouknight (Blessed Trinity)- 2 SPG

T7. Jaeden Marshall (Richmond Hill)- 1.5 SPG

T7. Dylan Garrington (North Oconee)- 1.5 SPG

T7. Alaris Wall (New Hampstead)- 1.5 SPG

T7. Ian Davis (Discovery)- 1.5 SPG

T7. Joakeim Celestin (Dawson County)- 1.5 SPG

T7. Jaheim Robinson (Johnson-Savannah)- 1.5 SPG

T7. Cal Price (Notre Dame, Tennessee)- 1.5 SPG

Blocks Per Game

T1. Evan Howell (Brookwood)- 3.5 BPG

T1. Shaqir O’Neal (Creekside Christian)- 3.5 BPG

3. Umar Rashid (Creekview)- 2 BPG

T4. Rashad King (Evans)- 1.5 BPG

T4. Ja’Heim Hudson (Wheeler)- 1.5 BPG

T4. Davorian Rudolph (Tri-Cities)- 1.5 BPG

T7. James Watts-Abrams (Legacy Academy)- 1 BPG

T7. Kyle Duncan (Centennial)- 1 BPG

T7. Ian Davis (Discovery)- 1 BPG

T7. Kai Simmons (St. Francis) 1 BPG

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