Georgia Underclassman Impressions (1/13-1/26)

2022 SG Robert Cowherd (Denmark)
Cowherd was already regarded as one of the top 2022 prospects coming into the season and he has impressed in each viewing this winter. His performance against Dawson County about 2 weeks ago was exceptional given both his overall production in the contest and how he progressed as the game went on. After settling for some quick 3’s early on in the game, Cowherd got himself going by securing offensive rebounds and then finishing through contact. He kept a balance of inside and outside scoring the rest of the matchup on his way to 29 points. I particularly liked his willingness to make the extra pass in the 2nd half of the game and the physicality he has continued to play with this year. Cowherd will likely be one of the most lethal scorers in the state when it’s all said and done, but he also shows flashes on defense and should be really good on that side of the ball by the time he’s a senior.

Robert Cowherd

2022 G Chance Thacker (Providence Christian)
After starting the season on a tear, Thacker injured his wrist and was out for a while, but has quickly gotten back into form over the last few weeks. Manning the PG spot for the 22-1 Storm, Thacker creates problems for defenses with his size and downhill ability. This was seen in their matchup with Riverside Military that I attended, as Thacker contributed 21 points and 12 rebounds. He can quickly get past defenders and all the way to the rim, but will also use spin moves and other tactics to shield the ball as he goes to the basket. Although he is a good shooter, Thacker has made a point to show his slashing ability this year. With his 6’4” frame, a solid build, and smarts, he is also a consistent presence as an offensive rebounder. As he continues to learn how to use his added strength, there won’t be much that A-Private opponents can do.

Chance Thacker

2022 SG Seth Hubbard (St. Francis)
There aren’t many sophomores in Georgia with the type of shooting ability that Hubbard possesses and when he gets going for an already high-powered St. Francis team, stopping the Knights is a tall task. His outside marksmanship was important in a big matchup with Mount Pisgah this past Saturday. Hubbard knocked down 3 3’s and scored 11 total points as St. Francis was able to steadily pull away from Pisgah after trailing by 1 at halftime. Hubbard has a pretty jumper on which he has soft touch and gets good elevation. It was his 3-point shooting on Saturday, but he is equally adept at rising up in the mid-range area to make shots. Hubbard keeps things simple and has showed signs of being a threat in other areas eventually too. This upcoming travel season should be very productive for him.

seth hubbard

2022 PG Syncere Harris (Mount Vernon)
Harris is only listed at 5’5” but plays about a foot bigger than that for the Mustangs. Both times I’ve watched MV live this year, I have left the game thinking that Harris is the heart & soul of their team, and Head Coach Tarrik Mabon will tell you the same. A pest of a defender, Harris can rack up 5 steals in a game like it’s nothing. He takes pride in shutting down ball-handlers and is successful doing so most of the time. Harris is really fast with the ball and uses that to draw help defenders and then distribute to teammates. He looks to pass first which is always good, but he could be more assertive as a scorer. Against St. Pius Saturday night, he was the only MV player to hit more than one 3, connecting on 3 triples on few attempts. It doesn’t matter if he gives up significant height to an opponent, Harris has the mentality that he’s going to come out on top in any situation.

syncere harris

2023 G Jamichael Davis (Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe)
Last week was my first time seeing Davis, and he made a good first impression. In a game that fellow freshman and LFO’s top scorer, Brent Bowman, struggled in, Davis stepped up and led the Warriors with 14 points in a comeback win over Murray County. Davis already has good size for a freshman guard and does not lack any confidence. He constantly looks to make things happen with the ball and is able to often because of his speed and quickness as a ball-handler. His aggressive mentality is nice to see from a freshman and he has good offensive ability to go with it. Davis also provides the Warriors with a solid rebounder and defensive piece. As his game matures and his decision-making progresses, Davis will form a deadly backcourt duo with Bowman in the coming years.

jamichael davis

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