HoopHall Prep Showcase Underclassman Standouts

The HoopHall Prep Showcase had rosters filled with unsigned seniors and post-graduate prospects, leaving little room for younger guys on their teams. However, there were a handful of impressive players who still have another year or two in their high school careers. Here are 6 such prospects that caught my attention in Massachusetts last weekend.

2021 C Gabe Wiznitzer (Hargrave)
Wiznitzer’s stats weren’t eye-popping in Hargrave’s win over Redemption Christian, but they didn’t need him to put up big numbers and he showed signs of development since the summer. He scored on the block with touch and decisiveness a few times, worked both backboards for rebounds consistently, and ran the floor pretty well. Being right around 7 feet tall with a big frame, skill, and decent mobility, Wiznitzer is a very attractive prospect. He seems to be making small but consistent strides and is benefitting from his move to Hargrave. Continued work on his conditioning will make his transition to college a smooth one.


2021 F Jack Molloy (Northfield Mount Hermon)
On a team filled with productive seniors, Molloy isn’t asked to bring scoring for Northfield Mount Hermon. He excelled in his role in a statement win over Mt. Zion, leaving his imprint on the game with rebounding and passing in particular. Molloy mad his presence felt as soon as he entered the contest, playing actively and physically against Mt. Zion’s significant size. He got teammates involved with accurate passes coming from either hand and played sound defense throughout the game to go along with rebounding at a good rate. Molloy has a mature, muscular body and the ability to play inside or on the perimeter. His versatility will continue to make him a popular recruit.


2022 WF Alex Karaban (New Hampton)
A prospect I’ve been watching for a while, and one whose stock has spiked this winter, Karaban put together another solid weekend at AIC. Having averaged 16.5 PPG for the weekend on right around 50% shooting, Karaban can score from anywhere and has filled out his 6’7” frame a good bit since the summer. He’ll knock down 3’s, back down smaller defenders, connect on mid-post looks, and slash from the wing. He has proven himself against high-quality competition this winter and still has 2 more years to develop and figure out when and how to implement each of his tools. I’ve said it before, but I think it’s only a matter of time before his recruitment blows up. It could happen this upcoming travel season like we’ve seen with many other sophomores heading into their junior season.


2021 G Honor Huff (Perkiomen)
Alongside senior guard Steve Payne, Huff led a furious 2nd half comeback in Perkiomen’s win over Worcester on Sunday. He finished with 20 points total for the game and connected on 4 3’s in the 75-71 victory. Listed at only 5’10” and 140 lbs, Huff plays significantly bigger than that and has a fearless mentality that helped Perkiomen greatly in the game. He is a microwave scorer with quickness and exceptional shot-making ability. He’ll keep going at you all game long, even if he isn’t successful a few times, and usually gets the last laugh like he did against Worcester. I hope to be able to watch him again soon.


2022 G Kyle Hicks (New Hampton)
Karaban’s 2022 running mate at New Hampton, Hicks has a very bright future as well. He already has advanced skill and scoring ability for a sophomore, getting his points in impressive fashion. Hicks has a calm, relaxed demeanor but attacks consistently and scores even when you don’t think he will. He has smooth movements off the dribble and gets to the basket well where he can finish in a variety of ways. Hicks will keep defenders guessing with a respectable jumper and the ability to change speeds and get by guys without much extra effort. Hicks also has the physical tools to be a really good defender in college. The Hicks-Karaban duo will be a sight to see the next 2+ years.


2021 F Philip Byriel (Perkiomen)
In Perkiomen’s 2 wins at the event, Byriel averaged 14.5 PPG & 5 RPG on 7-18 from 3-point range. Byriel is a confident shooter and has great form on his shot for a guy who’s 6’8”+. He can heat up quickly from deep, as seen in Perkiomen’s matchup with Springfield, adding another dangerous offensive threat to their well-rounded team. Byriel moves well without the ball and never hesitates off the catch when a look presents itself. He also has a pretty big body that allows him to chip in with rebounding and showed he can make decisions with the ball in his hands. If he can add to his athleticism and explosiveness, he will be heavily recruited this spring and summer.


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